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March 03, 2024, 08:13:41 pm
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Mystery Dungeon: Stars of Destiny

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Author Topic: Mystery Dungeon: Stars of Destiny  (Read 463 times)
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« on: September 07, 2008, 06:44:02 am »

Here i will start my fan-fiction now hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: A Reckless start!

A girl named Nemiko sleept in her bed so peacefully, after a couple of minuets she was wokened by a mysterious voice she wondered what could it be.....

Huh?: Hello? Are you listening? Please woke up!
Nemiko: Huh? -wokes up- where am i?
Paiki: Your at the shore, hey i'm Paiki. Im a Pikachu
Nemiko: Im a Human.......
Paiki: Wha? are just a simple Piplup like the others.
Nemiko: -looks the enitre body- What the im a Piplup....but how, how do this happen?
Paiki:Huh you are confusing..oh yes tell me your name
Nemiko: My name is Nemiko......
Paiki: Nemiko?.......Haha what a funny name! Oh yes,sinced you are alone.... i might take you to your home.

They walked and walked until they Paiki showed Nemiko a cottage
Paiki: This where you will stay okay?
Nemiko: Wow! I could'nt thank you enough
Paiki: Nu problemu

But suddenly a Pachirisu camed rushing among the cottage
Huh?: Help me! Somebody help me! This is an emergency!
The two Pokemon rushed to help th poor pachirisu
Paiki: Whats wrong?
Isu: We were just walking the forest and some Pokemon attack my friend and prison him in a cave! My name is Isu
Paiki: Don't worry we will help you!
Nemiko: Lets go Paiki! Lets save that Pokemon!

To be continued........

Character Bios
Nemiko: A Human who was transformed to a piplup. Active,but speechless. Loves to Explore
Paiki: A Hyper Pikachu: Adventurous, and always help Nemiko
Isu: A innocent Pachirisu which her frien was attacked.

Get ready for Chapter 2!

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Pokemon are friend....

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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2008, 07:19:19 am »

Hey, thats a great fanfic!!  Wink
Thats the story from that game right?
But still great!
My idea : Make difference a little from real story
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« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2008, 10:40:21 pm »

Sorry for the looooooong Hiatus People but im back

Chapter 2: The Great Guardian Appears!

As now the two friends start to rescue Isu's friend in danger.

Paiki: Now lets see Isu said it was in this forest and I know there was a cave here
Nemiko: Okay......Huh?

Nemiko saw a shadow of some strange thing....

Paiki:Whats wrong
Nemiko: Oh its nothing

She notice that its been following them all the time

Nemiko: Hey I have a strange feeling that somebody is following us
Paiki: What??? I see nothing
Nemiko: quiet its getting closer follow me

They have been running and running until they have been bump to a rock
Paiki: Hey whats this?

The was a Green necklace at the rock that has been glowing
Paiki: Let me see........AHH!!

It was transform to a pokemon claiming to be the God the Rescue Teams
Shana: Hello Im Shana the Shaymin, Ill will be your guardian. I Have seen you two has not been a Rescue Team, now with my powers I will guide you and will make you a Official Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team
Paiki: Lets Choose a name Nemiko
Nemiko: Right It will be....
Paiki And Nemiko: Rescue Team Charms!!!!
Shana: Right, now go you have to rescue a pokemon now, go!!!

Shana dissapears then they know its there Destiny to do it!!
Now they see the cave that they here a Pokemon screams

Paiki: Lets go inside this must be it

What will happened to them next? Stay tuned!

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